Character concept: Pink elephant!

Elli (obviously short for Elliot) is a pink Elephant! No other elephant he has ever seen is as pink as him. In fact, there might not be any pink elephants in Africa! All his aunties and uncles thinks he is strange, taboo, queer. His gogo said that elephants must not be pink, and he must try to be as blue as possible!

Elli in the Jungle 1.jpg

This illustration and character was born out of an experimentation process, like most of my good ideas! I was exploring the medium of watercolour after having practiced for a few days, I decided to create a composition, something striking but simple.

A use of contrast in colour, shape and emotion and then that’s when Elli was created. His a pink elephant who decides to travel all the lands and seas to find where he belongs.

There’ll be more of him, so stick around!

Love, Lu